Trouble with Donations

Many of you will soon see refunds of your donations – we’re very sorry for the trouble, and are going to ask you to come back and use this new button:

to donate.

Because we are not an official non-profit organization, Pay Pal will not allow us to use the “donate now” button you all used to send money to Yuki’s cause. The process of becoming a non-profit would cost too much time and money (which we’d rather use helping our friends in Japan). So, we’re so sorry for the trouble. Once you get your refunded donation, if you could come back here and donate through the

button, we can get the money from Paypal and transfer it to Yuki. Thank you all again.

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Ganbare T-Shirts

We have a limited number of Ganbare T-Shirts for purchase.  Since these were made mostly to sell at the fashion show, we’re not set up to mail shirts at this time… but if you are interested, please get in touch and we can find a way to get you a shirt.  The shirts are $20 (for plain) and $25 (for ringer-style) and come in both men’s and women’s cuts in the normal array of sizes. For more details see our…. Order Form!

Thank you all, for all of your support.

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Update on Yuki and his Family

I spoke to Yuki last night. He was with his parents-in-law- they’ve all moved to a house in Nagoya City. The children are now going to school there. Yuki is still struggling with his businssess- there’s only one location still open, in Iwate City, to which Yuki is commuting to keep running, but there’s not much business.  He’s worried- he either has to stay in Fukushima and re-open his businesses or make a big change to a new livelihood. His family is well and healthy- just struggling with their new reality and trying to keep their normal lives going.  They’re very grateful for all of your donations and will work hard to rebuild the community.

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Dinner$ and Dollar$ – Sunnyside Village Dream Dinners

Here’s a new way to help.   We’re partnering with Sunnyside Village Dream Dinners (14618 SE Sunnyside Rd., Clackamas, OR 97015 / 503.558.8260) to run a dinner-making fundraiser.  For $75 and an hour of your time, you make and take home dinners for your family- 18 servings of this month’s great special fundraising menu sampler.  Sunnyside Village Dream Dinners will donate 20% of dinners made on the special fundraising dates to our find to help Fukushima.


APRIL 13 | 5pm – 6 pm – 7 pm

APRIL 14TH & 15TH | 10 am – 11 am – 12 pm | 5pm – 6 pm – 7 pm

Dinners & Dollars flyer – Yuki’s Family

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Friends of Fukushima

Mount Tabor Middle School students plan fundraiser fashion show


The Oregonian has run a story about the Mt. Tabor Japanese Immersian Program’s fashion show, which originally was to support the 8th graders’ trip to Japan. They have cancelled their travels to avoid imposition on their host families during this difficult time, and transferred some of the funding to helping th Fukushima community.

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Some of our Donors Have said….

Bette Walsdorf from New York

I wish I could do more. I will be praying for Yuki and his family and community and … country!
Terri Grayum

Thank you to everyone who has donated. Your generosity is a beautiful thing.

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Donations beyond Portland

We have had donations from San Francisco CA and Sioux Falls, SD.  It’s wonderful that our message is traveling so far. Thank you!

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Update on Yuki

I spoke to Yuki last night via Skype. He and his family are all right. His good friends are still missing; only one friend is with them in safety.  This friend came to see Yuki from Nagoya looking for a job and a place to live. Another friend gave him a job and a place to live.  Most of Yuki’s community is missing and he is trying hard to get in touch with them but I feel as if it may be a while before he finds them.  What a frightening feeling to imagine your friends would be distant from you for a time or forever. It must be very frightening to keep hoping you will find your loved ones safe, but still worry that they will not be found.  Yuki and his family are very emotionally exhausted right now; they do not seem like their normal selves.

Thank you all for supporting. I am going 120% every day to try to get help and organize different relief systems.

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Mt. Tabor Middle School Auction Donations

Taka spoke with students in Mt. Tabor School yesterday about the disaster in Japan and what it means to the Japanese people. The image at left is a t-shirt logo for the tsunami relief project there. The kanji (Japanese calligraphy) says “Ganbare” roughly translates to “Hang in there; we support you”.

Portland Design Collective will be staging a fashion show with Mt. Tabor Middle School on April 1st from 7-9 p.m. Originally a fundraiser to send students from Mt. Tabor Middle School to Japan, it has evolved into a joint effort to do so and to raise funds to help friends and family in Japan. Ticket sales will benefit the students, but other donation opportunities will be available at the event, including the purchase of the t-shirt that Taka has designed.

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All donations will be given directly to Yuki and his community

My friend never asked me to raise funds. This is my decision to do something for my country. By raising this fund every penny will go to the people in need. If you would rather donate to the red cross that is fine. This is another way for those in need to receive the help they need. With the Red Cross on average $0.91 of every dollar is donated. I guarantee 100% of everyone’s money to go DIRECTLY to the people devastated by this tragedy. Whether you choose to donate through the Red Cross or through my fund, the bottom line is to donate and help!

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